About Us


For over 25 years Cottam Health Partners has been assisting people in overcoming chronic pain and attaining better health in a warm and family friendly environment.

As a staff, we are enthusiastic and dedicated in our work. We believe in attentive care that is adapted to the unique needs of each individual. We love what we do and are rewarded in seeing our patients achieve their health goals.

We consider patients to be “partners” in our practice. While it is true we are the providers of care, our patient’s input is very important to us. Patients are encouraged to speak their mind and give input about how they are progressing in their care. Dr. Cottam and his therapy staff tailor all treatments to meet the specific health needs and comfort levels of each individual.

Working together, with the participation of our patients and the expertise of our staff, we believe we can realize complete balanced care and ultimately be successful in reaching our health goals.

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